Joining the CPVA

If you wish to join the CPVA, feel free to contact any member in advance, or attend one of our monthly meetings. The first two meetings are always free to attend.

Membership dues are $95/year, pro-rated as necessary from the date of application to April 30th. After the first year, annual dues are normally paid by May 1st.

Membership in the CPVA consists of two categories: Certified and Associate. Both types of members may participate in all meetings and take advantage of networking, training and education opportunities.

Certified Members have provided an example of their work which meets the technical standards of a professional video production. They may use the CPVA logo for advertising, and are listed in the CPVA directory.

Associate Members have not yet submitted an example of their work, or are still learning. They cannot advertise themselves as certified members nor make use of the CPVA logo until they have achieved certified status.