Membership Benefits

One of the main goals of the CPVA is to provide potential clients with a level of comfort that our members are competent and professional. We achieve this with our professional certification process, and via the education and networking which takes place at monthly meetings.

Specific benefits of CPVA membership include:

  • Business listing on the CPVA members directory
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Education opportunities
  • Emergency network
  • Library of books and DVDs
  • Hands-on with new equipment
  • Member purchase and rental discounts at Vistek
  • Professional Certification
  • CPVA membership certificate
  • CPVA logo for advertising
  • Full access to members-only content in the CPVA website

Members have brought in thousands of dollars of additional income every year as a result of CPVA networking, and jobs obtained via the CPVA Members Directory. We are also regularly contacted by vendors and equipment sales people who wish to make presentations at our meetings.

PVA’s in other North American cities include some of the top videographers in the world, and almost all have stated that their organization has played a key role in their success. For these videographers, the principle benefit for them has been networking, however the free exchange of ideas, friendly competitions, and presentations/seminars have all proven highly beneficial. The CPVA was established in 2006 largely on the recommendation of these videographers.

Some videographers may hesitate to join the CPVA out of concerns over revealing “secrets” or giving a leg up to the competition. In truth, members benefit greatly from the open exchange of ideas while our industry and our clients benefit from an Association which emphasizes professional competence and business ethics.