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The CPVA is an association of video production companies and videographers dedicated to building connections that help us improve and grow our businesses

Next CPVA Meeting

When: July 2024 Summer Social @ Date/Time TBD

Where: Location TBD

We always welcome new visitors! Standard schedule:

7:00 – 7:30pm Networking, Social
7:30 – 7:45pm Hands on Gear with The Camera Store
7:45 – 9:00pm Presentations/Workshops
9:00pm End

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An Active Community of Engaged Video Professionals

Many people working in Calgary video production don’t have access to a broader base of knowledge and support. We know how confining that can feel.

Since 2006, the CPVA has been bringing together Calgary videographers for industry networking and to share lessons learned on the job.

Our ultimate aim is to help each other do the best possible job for our clients.

We believe that sharing knowledge and experience offers tremendous value and can only help our businesses succeed and grow.

And if you work in video production, we can do the same for you.

Why join the CPVA?

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Get More Video Work

Get to know other people working in the video production industry, exposing you to more projects and available talent.

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Improve Your Skills

Learn about problems met and lessons learned from real-world video projects, then apply them to improve your own work.

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Gain Client Trust

Participation in the CPVA shows a dedication to your craft, making potential clients more confident in your abilities.

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How do I get started?

Step 1: Click or Tap "Join the CPVA"

Fill out our contact form and RSVP for an upcoming meeting. We’ll also answer any questions you might have about joining.

Step 2: Attend a Meeting

Attend a CPVA meeting (the first two are always free) to see how we network, learn about new gear, and exchange knowledge.

Step 3: Apply for Membership

Fill out our application form, letting us know the level of membership you’re interested in. Once approved and annual dues paid, you’ll be entitled to all CPVA benefits.

What our members say

"Attending CPVA events allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, as well as learn and network with like-minded professionals."
"What's unique about the CPVA is that you learn from the real-world video production experience of fellow pros. You get to know a lot more people who work in the same industry."

CPVA Benefits

To get all this and more…

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Most video businesses without connections struggle to succeed

Those working in Calgary video production often do so alone, or with the same small group. Without wider industry connections, they may find long-term success difficult.

Joining a supportive video industry association can help you overcome these challenges and thrive.